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Turn that pesky check engine light off for good

Although it's meant to be helpful, your check engine light can be a real nuisance because you never know how minor or severe the problem is. We have all of the latest diagnostic technology and are skilled at finding out exactly what's wrong with your vehicle so you can turn that pesky warning light off for good.

Your light could be on because

 •  Your O2 sensor needs replacing

 •  The gas cap is loose, damaged, or missing

 •  The catalytic converter needs replacing

 •  Your mass airflow sensor needs replacing

 •  Your spark plugs or plug wires need replacing

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Willard Mashburn, our owner, has superior knowledge on automobiles, whether they are new or old, both foreign and domestic. You can be rest assured that your repairs will be done right the first time.

Enjoy $15 off any service repair when you spend $100 or more.

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No matter why your check engine light is on, we focus on all assets of auto repair including brakes, mufflers, and transmission service.